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Collections of books

Wright's books at Taliesin West
Books that belonged to Wright, kept in the Taliesin West archive in Arizona.

Wright's books at Taliesin
Books at Taliesin, in Wisconsin, that may have belonged to Wright.

Wright's books in Oak Park
Books that belonged to Wright when he lived in Oak Park, Illinois, ca 1890-1910.

Wright's books at Avery Library
A small group of Wright's books that are at the Avery Library in New York.

Hillside Home School books
Books from a school's library, which Wright acquired about 1915.

Olgivanna Wright's books
Books at Taliesin West that belonged to Wright's widow, which may have been his.

Olgivanna Wright's lost books
Books that belonged to Wright's widow and perhaps to him, but no longer survive.

Anna Wright's books
Books that belonged to Wright's mother, to which he probably had access.

Louis Sullivan's books
Books in Sullivan's library to which Wright probably had access around 1890.