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Frank Lloyd Wright was a passionate reader throughout his life—not only of books on architecture and the arts, but of poetry, novels, history, biography, economics, philosophy, drama, and other genres.  This project is an attempt to compile all the surviving books he owned, which are scattered in various places, as well as the lost books that can be identified—and books Wright read, even if he didn't own them.  His "library" is defined here as the totality of these works.  Also included are groups of books that Wright probably had access to, during some period of his life, such as books belonging to Louis Sullivan.  The project aims to increase awareness of the importance of books to Wright, and to aid in the study of his life and the influences that shaped his thought and his works.

Paul V. Turner

Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, at Taliesin, 1940s. Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-3976.
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