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James, William, and Horace Meyer Kallen. The Philosophy of William James selected from his chief works. New York: Random House, 1920.
James, William. [Unknown].
James, William. Varieties of religious experience.
James, William. The varieties of religious experience: a study in human nature being the religión delivered at Edinburgh in1901-1902. New York: Modern Library, 1902.
J. Jameson, Franklin. Dictionary of United States history, 1492-1897: Four centuries of history. Boston: Puritan Pub. Co., 1897.
Jekyll, Gertrude. Home and garden.., 1900.
Jennings, Hargrave. The Rosicrucians: their rites and mysteries. London: G. Routledge, 1887.
Johnson, Philip. "Built in USA: Post-war Architecture." New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1953.
Johnson, Samuel. Lives of the English poets: [selected. New York: Gateway Editions, 1955.
Johnson, Samuel. [Unknown].
Johnstone, Charles. Chrysal; or, The adventures of a guinea.. London: Samuel Richards & Co., 1822.
Johnstone, William. Creative art in Britain from the earliest times to the present.. London: Macmillan, 1950.
Johonnot, James, D. Appleton, and Company. Neighbors with wings and fins: and some others, for young people. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1889.
Johonnot, James. Friends in feathers and fur and other neighbors for young folks. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1885.
Jones, Ellen Lloyd, and Jane. The Hillside Home School Twenty-First Year 1908. The Hillside Home School, 1908.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. On the firing line in the battle for sobriety.. Boston: Unitarian Temperance Society, 1910.
Jones, Owen. Grammar of ornament.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. On the Firing Line in the Battle for Sobriety. Chicago: Unity Publishing Co., 1910.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. The Word of the spirit to the nation, church, city, home and individual.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. Nuggets from a Welch mine: selections from the writings of Jenkin Lloyd Jones.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. A Chorus of faith as heard in the parliament of religions.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. The Word of the Spirit to the Nation, Church, City, Home and Individual. Chicago: Unity Publishing Co., 1894.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. On the firing line in the battle for sobriety.
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. What does Christmas really mean?.
Jordan, David Starr. The Philosophy of hope.
Joyce, James. Ulysses.., 1914.
Kandinsky, Wassily, and Hilla Rebay. Point and line to plane. New York: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 1947.
Kant, Immanuel. The philosophy of Kant. New York: Random House, 1949.
Kant, Immanuel, and Carl J. Friedrich. The philosophy of Kant: Immanuel Kant's moral and political writings. New York: Modern Library, 1949.
Katz, Leo. Orientation for modern times. Understanding modern art division. An interpretation of the historical, psychological, philosophical, and scientific backgrounds of modern art.. Chicago: The Delphian Society, 1936.
Keats, John. The Poetical works of John Keats.
Keats, John, and Harry Buxton Forman. The poetical works of John Keats. London: Oxford University Press, 1946.
Keats, John. The poetical works of John Keats.. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1881.
Keats, John. The eve of St. Agnes.
Kellogg, John Harvey. Rational hydrotherapy a manual of the physiological and therapeutic effects of hydriatic procedures, and the technique of their application in the treatment of disease.. Philadelphia: Davis, 1903.
Kempis, Thomas à. Of the imitation of Christ.. London: W. Scott, Limited, 1890.
Kennan, George T.. Russia leaves the war.. Princeton U. Press, 1956.
Kennan, George F.. The decision to intervene; Soviet-American relations, 1917-1920. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1958.
Key, Ellen. Love and ethics. Chicago: Ralph Fletcher Seymour Co., 1912.
Key, Ellen. The Woman's movement.
Keynes, Geoffrey. Blake.. Faber, 1945.
Khayyam, Omar, Edward FitzGerald, Vera Bock, and Peter Pauper Press. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam., 1949.
Khayyam, Omar, Edward Heron-Allen, and Louis Jean Bapti Nicolas. The Rubáiyát of 'Umar Khaiyám Translated from the French of J.B. Nicolas by Frederic Baron Corvo, together with a reprint of the French text. Edited, with notes and a comparative study of the original texts, and an introd. by Edward Heron-Allen, with s. London: John Lane, 1924.
Khayyam, Omar, Edmund Dulac, and Edward FitzGerald. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. New York: Garden City Pub. Co., 1937.
Kierkegaard, Søren, and Robert Walter Bretall. A Kierkegaard anthology. New York: Modern Library, 1938.
Kimball, Fiske. American architecture. New York: Bobbs-Merrill, 1928.
Kingsley, Charles. The Heroes.
Kinross, John. Italian Renaissance. New York: Helburn & Hagen.
Kipling, Rudyard. The Seven seas.
Kipling, Rudyard. The Jungle Book. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1950.
Kipling, Rudyard. Selected works of Rudyard Kipling. Volume one. Volume one.. New York: Peter Fenelon Collier, 1900.
Kipling, Rudyard. Soldiers three ; The story of the Gadsbys ; In black and white., 1917.
Kipling, Rudyard. Kim. New York: Modern Library, 1928.
Kipling, Rudyard. [Unknown].
Kipling, Rudyard. [Thirteen works, editions of 1898-1911]., 1898.
Kipling, Rudyard. The writings in prose and verse of Rudyard Kipling.. Vol. 14 vols of 25. New York: Scribner's Sons, 1899.
Kipling, Rudyard. Ballads and other verses.
Kirby, H. P.. Architectural Compositions. Boston.
Klein, Alexander. The Empire City: a treasury of New York. New York: Rinehart, 1955.
Knight, William Allen. The Song of our Syrian guest.
Komroff, Manuel. The Apocrypha; or, Non-canonical books of the Bible. The King James version.. New York: Tudor Pub. Co., 1946.
Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovitch. L'Icone russe. Prague: Seminarium Kondakovianum, 1928.
Krishnamurti, Jiddu. Commentaries on living. 1, 1,. London: Collancz, 1957.
Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevic. Memoirs of a revolutionist,. Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1924.
Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevic. [Unknown].
Ku Hung Ming. The spirit of the Chinese people., 1915.
La Violette, Wesley. The Bhagavad Gita an immortal song. Los Angeles, Calif: DeVorss & Co., 1945.
Lamb, Charles, and Ernest Dressel North. The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Lamb. With anecdotes by his contemporaries. Selected by E.D. North.. G.P. Putnam's Sons: New York and London, 1892.
Lambert, Aandré, Eduard Stahl, and H. E. v Berlepsch. Motive der deutschen Architektur des XVI, XVII und XVIII Jahrhunderts in historischer Anordnung: I. Früh-und Hochrenaissance 1500-1650. II. Barock und Rokoko 1650-1800. Stuttgart, 1890.
Lamsa, George M.. Gospel light: comments on the teachings of Jesus from Aramaic and unchanged Eastern customs. Philadelphia: A.J. Holman Co., 1939.
Lance, Adolphe, and Victor Calliat. "Encyclopédie d'architecture: journal mensuel." Encyclopédie d'architecture : journal mensuel. (1851).
Lanier, Sidney. Poems of Sidney Lanier. New York: C. Scribners Sons, 1884.
Lanier, Sidney. Knightly legends of Wales or, the boy's Mabinogion; being the earliest Welsh tales of King Arthur in the famous Red book of Hergest.. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1884.
Lantzouraki. [Holy Land photos]. New York: no. publ., 1928.
Lao-tzu. [Unknown].
Lao-tzu, and Yutang Lin. The wisdom of Laotse. New York: Modern Library, 1948.
Lao-tzu, and Raymond Bernard Blakney. The way of life. New York: New American Library, 1955.
Lao-tzu, Dwight Goddard, Henri Borel, and M. E. Reynolds. Tao-tê-ching: Lao-tzǔ's tao and wu wei. New York: Brentano, 1919.
Lardner, Ring. [Unknown].
Lavater, Johann Caspar, and Thomas Holcroft. Essays on physiognomy: for the promotion of the knowledge and the love of mankind. London: Printed by C. Whittingham, for H.D. Symonds ..., 1804.
Lawrence, D.H. Sons and lovers., 1913.
Le Corbusier. Towards a new architecture. New York: Brewer and Warren, 1927.
Lea, Homer. The valor of ignorance., 1909.
Lea, Homer. The day of the Saxons., 1912.
Lehmann, Walter. Aus den Pyramidenstaedten in Alt-Mexiko.. Berlin: Hobbing, 1933.
Leonardo, and Edward McCurdy. The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. New York: George Braziller, 1939.
Leonardo, and Edward McCurdy. The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci,. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1939.
Lerner, Max. America as a civilization: life and thought in the United States today / Max Lerner.. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1957.
Lesage, Alain-René. Gil Blas.
Letarouilly, Paul. Edifices de Rome moderne. Paris: Pinard, 1872.
Levy, Clifton Harby. The Bible in art twenty centuries of famous Bible paintings,. Garden City, N.Y.: Garden City Pub. Co., 1936.
Lévy, Albert. Albert Levy's architectural photographic series. Second series, Second series,. New York: Albert Levy.
Lewis, Lloyd. Letters from Lloyd Lewis showing steps in the research for his biography of U.S. Grant.. Boston: Little, Brown, 1950.
Lewis, C. S.. The abolition of man, or Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools.. London, 1943.
Lewis, Lloyd. Sherman, fighting prophet. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1932.
Lewis, D. B. Wyndham, and Edward Gorey. François Villon: a documented survey. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1958.
Lewis, G. H.. The life and works of Goethe: with sketches of his age and contemporaries.. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1930.
Light, George Washington. The Essayist: a young men's magazine.. Boston: Lyceum Press, 1833.
Link, Margaret Schevill. Desert center. Tucson: Balkow Press, 1953.
Lippmann, Walter. [Unknown].
Llewellyn, Richard. How Green Was My Valley. New York: MacMillan Co., 1941.
Llewellyn, Richard. How green was my valley., 1949.
Lobdell, Barton S.. The Atlas globe manual ; a guide to the study of terrestrial globes,. Chicago: Atlas school supply Co., 1904.
Locke, John. Philosophical Beauties, selected from the works of John Locke, Esq.. New York: J. Langdon, 1828.
Long, William J.. Wilderness ways., 1901.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The Wreck of the Hesperus ... Illustrated.., 1886.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The song of Hiawatha. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1895.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. [Unknown].
Lowell, James Russell. Memoir of Shelley., 1899.
Lowell, Amy. Selected poems of Amy Lowell,., 1928.
Lowell, James Russell. [Lowell's Poems].
Lowell, James Russell. Among my books. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1891.
Lowell, James Russell. [Unknown].
Lübke, Wilhelm. Grundriss der Kunstgeschichte. Stuttgart: Ebner & Seubert, 1887.
Lübke, Wilhelm. Geschichte der deutschen Kunst von den frühesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart. Stuttgart: Ebner & Seubert, 1890.
Lübke, Wilhelm, and Clarence Chatham Cook. Outlines of the history of art.. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1879.
Lucas, Richard, E Giesenberg, and J. A. Becker. Das opernhaus zu Frankfurt a.M.. Berlin: Ernst & Korn, 1883.
Lutyens, Edwin Landseer, A. S. G. Butler, and George Stewart. The architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Vol. 1-3. London: Country Life, 1950.
Lutyens, Edwin Landseer. The Lutyens memorial: the architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens.
Lytton, Edward Robert Bul. Owen Meredith's Lucile. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.
Mabie, Hamilton Wright, and Charles Dudley Warner. Library of the world's best literature, ancient and modern. Vol. 1, 16-19, 21, 24-28. New York: Peale & Hill, 1897.
Macaulay, Thomas Babington. Lays of ancient Rome.
Macauly, Lord. Lays of Ancient Rome. New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons.
MacConnell, Marie Florence. Standard songs and choruses for high schools. New York: American Book Co., 1908.
MacDonald, George. Within and without.. New York: Scribner, Armstrong, & Co., 1872.
Mace, William H.. A school history of the United States,. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1904.
Machen, Arthur. Dr. Stiggins, his views and principles: a series of interviews. New York: A.A. Knopf, 1925.
Mackail, John William. The Life of William Morris Volume I. Volume I.. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1899.
Mackenzie, John Stuart. A manual of ethics. London: University Correspondence College Press, 1897.
Maclaren, Ian. A doctor of the old school., 1895.
MacLeish, Archibald. [Unknown].
Maeterlinck, Maurice. Wisdom and destiny.
Maeterlinck, Maurice. Monna Vanna: a drama.
Maeterlinck, Maurice, and Alfred Sutro. The life of the bee. New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1907.
Mann, Thomas. The tables of the law., 1943.
Manson, Grant. "Wright in the nursery: the influence of Froebel education on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright." (1953).
Marcus Aurelius Antonius. The meditations of the emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius.. New York: A.L. Burt Co., 1930.
Marcus Aurelius Antonius, George Long, and Ruth E. Adomeit. The meditations of the Emperor Marcvs Avrelivs Antoninvs. London; Glasgow: Collins' Clear-type Press.
Marek, George R.. Puccini: a biography. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1951.
Markham, Edwin. [Poems].
Marles, Gwilym. Gwilym Marles.
Marles, Gwilym. Gwilym Marles. In Cyfres y fil, Edited by Owen Morgan Edwards. Llanuwchllyn: Ab Owen, 1905.
Marlitt, E.. The old mam'selle's secret. Hurst & Company.
Martin du Gard, Roger. The Thibaults. New York: Viking Press, 1939.
Marx, Karl, Samuel Moore, Edward B. Aveling, Friedrich Engels, and Ernest Untermann. Capital: a critique of political economy. New York: Modern Library, 1906.
Marx, Karl. [Unknown].
Marx, Karl, and Friedrich Engels. Manifesto of the Communist Party / edited and annotated by Frederick Engels.. New York: Socialist Literature Co., 1912.
Masson, T. L.. Humor, vols 13 & 17 of "Library of Little Masterpieces". n.p.: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1909.
Masson, Thomas L.. Little masterpieces of American wit and humor, volume II volume II. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1906.
Mathew, Gervase. Byzantine painting, with an introd. and notes by Gervase Mathew.. New York: Pitman Pub. Co., 1950.
Matthews, John F.. El Greco. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1952.
Maupassant, Guy de. Short Stories. New York: Little Leather Librry Corp.
Maurier, George Du. Trilby. London: Osgood, McIlvaine and Co., 1895.
Mazzini, Giuseppe. [Unknown].
McCann, Justin. The Cloud of Unknowing and other treatises. London: Burns Oates and Washbourne, 1947.
McCarthy, Justin. The Story of Gladstone's Life. Macmillan, 1898.
McCaskey. The Franklin Square song collection, devoted to school and home enjoyment. Vol. 1, 6. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1881.
Meheut, Mathurin. La plante exotique. Paris: C. Massin & cie, 1931.
Meheut, Mathurin. La plante exotique. Paris: C. Massin & cie, 1931.
Meier-Graefe, Julius. Entwicklungsgeschichte der modernen Kunst. Vol. 1, 2. München: Piper, 1920.
Meier-Graefe, Julius. Degas, rendered into English by J. Holroyd-Reece, with more than one hundred plates.. London: E. Benn, 1923.
Melville, Herman. Moby Dick.
Melville, Herman. Moby-Dick, or, The whale., 1948.
Melville, Herman. Typee. London: Routledge, 1850.
Menaboni, Sara. Menaboni's birds., 1950.
Menen, Aubrey. The Ramayana as told by Aubrey Menen. New York: Charles Scribner, 1954.
Menzel, Wolfgang, George Horrocks, and Edgar Saltus. Germany, from the earliest period.. Vol. 1, 3, 4. New York: The Cooperative publication society, 1899.
Meredith, George. One of our conquerors,. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1930.