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Wright's books at Taliesin West

The archive at Taliesin West houses a collection of books designated the "Frank Lloyd Wright Library."  Following Olgivanna Lloyd Wright's death in 1985, these books were moved, mostly from what had been Wright's bedroom at Taliesin West, into the archive.[1]   The collection consists of about 170 works, many of which are multi-volume works, each with an archival number.  A list of these works, made by the Taliesin West archivists, gave the basic bibliographic information for them.

On visits to Taliesin West (in April, 2017, and March and September, 2018), I examined each of these works, making my own bibliographic descriptions of them, as well as noting inscriptions, annotations, and other traits of individual books.  The compilation of these works, in this database, uses the information I assembled from examining the books, as well as information provided to me by Margo Stipe, the Taliesin West archivist, who assisted me in this work.

The books in this "Frank Lloyd Wright Library" collection clearly do not comprise all of the books that Wright possessed and were at Taliesin West at the time of his death—or even that are still there.  Many of his books were lost or dispersed following his death, and the separate collection of the "Olgivanna Lloyd Wright Library" contains many books that must have belonged originally to Wright.  (See the separate section in this database on these Olgivanna Wright books.)

View a list of books in this collection

[1]Information from Indira Berndtson, September 2018.